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Bathroom | Designs

If you’re renovating or designing a bathroom, bring out its warmth with bathroom copper sinks, a great option for a wide variety of designs.

Redesigning a bathroom is a popular home renovation option. Keeping your bathroom current with contemporary home designs is a great way to help improve your home’s resale value. Also, attractive bathroom designs can make your current home more comfortable and a better reflection of your own personal style and taste. If you’re living in an older home, the rooms most likely in need of a renovation will be your kitchens and bathrooms. In older homes, the kitchens and bathrooms were most likely last renovated decades ago, meaning that it’s way past time for an update as technology designs and décor designs have changed greatly since then.

When upgrading your bathroom, it’s important to set a budget for your bathroom ideas. Home renovators recommend that you spend no more than a tenth of your home’s current value on a bathroom remodel. A substantial portion of a remodeling budget will be taken up in renovating bathroom vanities, sinks and tubs. Our bathroom vanities with copper sinks allow you to get the maximum value for your home investment dollar. We have a variety of bathroom copper sinks and bathroom copper sinks with vanities that are competitively priced and can meet several designs.

Bathroom copper sinks are a great value for homeowners. Copper is a very durable material and can stand up to decades of normal wear and tear without dents, dings or rust. Depending on the finish, copper can be brightly colored or dark, allowing it to be used in a variety of bathroom designs.

If you’re installing a sink, it makes sense to include storage space beneath it. Installing your sink in a vanity allows you to create an attractive unit in your bathroom that enhances its décor. Copper sinks go well with rustic, wood vanities, as the natural warmth of brightly finished copper can accent the natural, earthy appeal of wood furniture designs.

If you’re aiming for more modern designs for your home, check out our vessel copper sinks. A vessel copper sink will work well with contemporary designs, and are easy to install and maintain. And because your sink will be made of copper, you and your family will be at less risk from harmful microorganisms thanks to the natural properties of this durable and versatile metal. With the increasing prevalence of drug resistant bacteria and microbes, protecting your family from illness has become more and more important.

When remodeling your bathroom sinks, give copper a chance to shine as a key part of your new home renovation designs. Thanks to copper’s many advantages, including aesthetic appeal, heat retention and germ-killing properties, it’s the right pick for home remodeling designs with an eye toward maximizing  home remodeling investment.