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Farmhouse | Sink

If you’re a homeowner, chances are you’re looking for ways to improve the value of your biggest investment. Kitchen renovations can help improve your home’s resale value, and installing a copper farmhouse sink can be an important part of your home improvement strategy.

When prospective buyers are browsing homes, the kitchen is usually one of the most critically examined parts of the home. Cooking and dining are important social and personal activities for many homeowners, and having an attractive and functional kitchen is very important to most homebuyers. Installing a farmhouse kitchen copper sink is a great way to spruce up your kitchen and boost your home’s resale value.

Farmhouse sinks are a good fit for many homes. They are more noticeable than drop-in or undermount sinks and make a unique and undeniable statement in your kitchen décor. Kitchen farmhouse sinks are iconic sink options that evoke images of simple country living. As practical as they are beautiful, farmhouse sinks can provide for a variety of kitchen needs, including cleaning dishes, canning preserves, thawing food or serving as a wash area for pets and young children. And thanks to new color schemes and installation options, farmhouse sinks remain relevant to contemporary design plans.

In addition to their size, which works well to accommodate the large pots and pans used in a busy kitchen, farmhouse sinks are known for the comfort they provide to their owners. Because they are situated farther forward than most other sink designs, such as drop-in or undermount models, a farm sink will allow its owners to get closer to the contents of their sinks with less bending and stretching. Because kitchen farmhouse sinks tend to be deep, you also don’t have to worry as much about splashes and spillover.

Kitchen farmhouse sinks can be made out of a wide variety of metal and other materials, including stainless steel and granite, but for many homes, kitchen copper farmhouse sinks are the best option. Copper is a highly durable metal and can hold up under decades of intense kitchen use with little wear and tear. Copper is naturally germ resistant, and can help prevent the spread of food borne sicknesses such as e coli. As microorganisms evolve and become more drug resistant, minimizing your family’s exposure to these bugs can make a big difference in their health and safety.

Copper is an attractive material for sinks and can work with lots of designs. Copper comes in a variety of finishes, from bright to dark, and thus works well with just about any color scheme. No matter how you’re remodeling your kitchen, there’s likely a copper sink that fits your design plans.

We have a wide selection of farmhouse copper sinks for our customers to choose from. All of our sinks are manufactured in Mexico and are of good quality and excellent craftsmanship. Because we manufacture our own copper farmhouse style sinks, we can offer our sinks at highly competitive prices. Check out our selection today and choose a farmhouse copper sink that best fits your kitchen needs.