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If you’re updating your current kitchen designs or installing a kitchen in a new home, kitchen copper sinks can be an important part of your kitchen’s design, helping to accent your cabinets, countertops, appliances and other kitchen accessories. Experts in kitchens design agree that copper is a great addition to a kitchen.

After years of being overlooked in favor of other materials for kitchen designs, copper is on the rise as more home owners recognize the aesthetic, energy efficiency and health benefits of copper and incorporate it into their kitchen bar, or kitchen.

Copper is a traditional material with a long history of use in home décor and practical use. In terms of aesthetics, copper is a fantastic accent to well-liked finishes such as black iron or bronze that has been rubbed with oil. It also looks beautiful with a variety of materials used in cabinets and countertops, such as granite, stone and a variety of wood.

In addition to its natural beauty, copper has many great health benefits, as it is naturally resistant to many harmful microorganisms that can cause sickness. Copper is also energy efficient, as a copper sink will retain heat longer than sinks made of other materials, saving you the need to run more hot water. For kitchen designs, copper is king.

Copper In Your Kitchen

Thanks to its versatility, copper goes well with many kitchen designs. Copper can be finished to look in a variety of ways, it can be shiny and bright and it can also be given a dark finish. Copper patina is also growing in popularity.

If you plan to use a copper sink in your kitchen designs or use other copper kitchen units, it’s important to consider how the copper will accent the rest of your kitchen and what finish you’d like to use.

Kitchen sinks

Your kitchen sink plays a major role in your overall kitchen designs. As kitchen sinks are a key focal point of your kitchen, choosing one that reflects the overall values of your kitchen designs is important. For a rustic feel in your kitchen designs, kitchen copper sinks can be very helpful. There are several designs and styles of kitchen farmhouse copper sinks that can give your designs an elegant, but rural feel. Classic designs such as a kitchen apron copper sink can give your kitchen designs the down-home, classic look achieved by many kitchens featured in rural living magazines. For a more elegant look, a kitchen undermount copper sink can give your kitchen designs a more uniform look, as the kitchen counter surface covers the outside of the sink.

If you’re going to use a copper sink in your kitchen sinks, consider the overall look you’re attempting with your kitchen designs. Copper sinks work well with just about any color scheme used in kitchen designs, but if you’re using copper, be sure to get black or stainless steel appliances and kitchen units, as your copper sink will look best with these kitchen accessories.

With the right background, countertops and accessories, copper can be a nice accent to your overall kitchen designs and help you achieve the look you’re aiming for in your kitchen’s design.