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Undermount | Kitchen Sinks

A growing number of homeowners are undertaking kitchen renovation projects to safeguard their home values in an era of declining home prices. A kitchen upgrade can add value to your home, as kitchens and kitchen sinks are a key area of concern to most homebuyers. Adding an undermount sink after a re-surfacing project on your kitchen cabinetry can add a touch of elegance to your kitchen.

Why Undermounts?

Undermount kitchen sinks are seeing a resurgence in popularity thanks to shifts in design trends and improvements in technology. An undermount kitchen copper sink can allow homeowners to enjoy the advantages of undermount style sinks and those of copper, a durable and attractive sink base material.

Undermount kitchen sinks can provide your kitchen with a modern, contemporary look. If you have high-end countertops, such as those made of natural stone, and undermount kitchen sinks will allow you to showcase the material without a break in the design that a drop in or apron sink would create.

Undermount kitchen sinks are a great choice for use with granite or quartz countertops and can work with a number of other countertops as well.

In addition to its aesthetic value, undermount kitchen copper sinks also have some practical advantages. Unlike drop-in sinks, an undermount sink has no overhanging lip, making it easier to clean and maintain. Also, because there is no overhang like drop-in sinks provide, it’s easier to wipe up messes and spills into the sink.

Proper installation of your undermount kitchen sinks are a must, as bad installation will result in leaks and water damage later.  When installing undermount kitchen sinks, it is imperative that the undermount is flush with the underside of your kitchen counter to prevent gaps that can result in leaks.

Using Copper Sinks

Undermount kitchen sinks can be made of a variety of materials, but for the best quality and longevity, try a undermount kitchen copper sink. Copper sinks are reliable and will last for decades because copper is a strong and resilient metal. It won’t rust and is tough to dent or ding.

Copper sinks retain heat better than other materials used to make sinks, and as such will keep water in sinks or tubs warm for a longer period, saving you on heating and water costs. The savings may be negligible in the short term, but over the life of a sink, they’ll add up.

Copper is also a natural germ-fighter, as government reports show that most harmful microorganisms die within two hours of coming into contact with copper. By having undermount kitchen sinks, you can fend off health risks from illnesses carried in food, as your sink will prevent the proliferation of harmful microorganisms.

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