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Copper-sink offers to you a complete service of representation: prospection of handmade products and crafts companies in Mexico, quotation of required products, sale of already existing and registered products, coordination of orders, quality control in the supplier’s warehouse, pick up in warehouse and freight to final destination in United States or Canada. Your order is cared and controlled along the whole process of production and transportation.

Copper-sink works in collaboration with the biggest and greatest artisans of copper from Santa Clara del Cobre in the State of Michoacan, and that’s why we guarantee to get you the best quality of these products. Moreover, we have a branch office managed by an agent of ours in this village, heart of manufacturing of the Mexican copper craftsmanship, which ensures a whole communication, coordination and control of the process.

If you want to develop some new products, products that we don’t have quoted and registered in our data base, we deal it with our current suppliers. If necessary, we investigate for other artisans to work with. We have several artisans at our disposition, each workshop bringing their qualities.

You forward your order and we enter it in our data base. You send it to us by e-mail and make the payment of the 1st 50% for deposit by wire transfer, we send the order with all your specifications to the supplier and from there we make it all. Moreover, before all that, our service includes all the initial sourcing work your internal purchases department would have had to do.

We negotiate prices for you, we will find the best price for you  in order to get you the best prices which we have access to and a better service.

We are in a daily touch with the artisan to be sure that you will get the order ready as soon as it can be.

We make the quality control in the supplier’s warehouse to check the merchandise, make sure that the products meet the specifications of the order, we verify the quantities and packaging … We are your eyes over there in Mexico.

If, for example, in one of your orders there’s a part which is more urgent than another one, we offer to you much flexibility since we can divide the order into two, shipping a first part in express and the other one by regular way. We can deal with different options and adapt to what is the best for you.

Through our branch Space Logistics, we provide the transportation service from door to door. As the client of the sourcing service from Copper-sink, you don’t pay importation duties, custom declaration, import bond … your freight cost is optimized.

We also provide you within our services the distribution of the funds, for the deposit (first 50%) and the balance (second 50%). As we have an American account, you deal with a domestic payment and save the financial costs of currency exchange, international transfer … and we take in care the distribution of the payments among the different suppliers in Mexico.

If an artisan is retired or incapable, we will do all the necessary arrangements, looking for another one to replace him, to keep the process of production away from any break.

To summarize, our services ensure you an easier purchase and guarantee the quality of your product. We make your operation in Mexico be as simple as it would be made in United States. We provide you flexibility along the whole process, an excellent communication and allow you to save within your purchase overall cost, considering all the involved charges: cost of the product, packaging, freight, custom process, … and also the cost resulting from errors, defective products, losses, …

For this whole service, we charge: 10% for coordination and consolidation + 2.5% for quality control.

The freight is charged and taken in hands by our sister company Space Logistics, from the artisans’ workshop until your door.

We can also give you some price including the Copper-sink commission and the freight cost.